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Latest VR Games / Experiences - New VR Games March 2022

Excited? What’s new games are releasing in March  ? We’ve got you covered with our list of all the new VR game releases in March 2022.

So here we go :-

The Soloist (March 3rd) – Quest

Free-climbing megastar Alex Honnold stars in this 360 degree Oculus TV movie, airing in two parts. You might recognize that name from the movie Free Solo from a few years ago, in which he climbed El Capitan in Yosemite without a rope. Here you’ll follow Honnold on a series of death-defying climbs in 3D.

Are you ready to step in the ring? Liteboxer, the leader in gamified boxing fitness, gives you unlimited access to an ever-growing library of workout options – ranging from trainer workouts to chart-topping music that provides an entertaining and immersive boxing experience. For every punch, Liteboxer tracks your power, timing, and accuracy. Compete against yourself and others as you improve your scores across hundreds of workouts. Liteboxer is built to be fitness-first and champion a sports-at-home experience. You’ll be immersed in real trainer workouts that cross the boundary of motivation into actual coaching and interaction. Instead of a video game, you’ll experience a full workout that is built to fit into a gaming format. Think you’re ready?

Vox Machinae (March 3rd) – Quest 2, PC VR

After a long stint in early access, Vox Machinae is finally getting a full release that includes a Quest 2 version and a full single-player campaign alongside the staple multiplayer. Jump into an immersive mech cockpit and travel to alien planets to do battle with other corporations, targetting specific parts to remove arms and deal maximum damage.

Join the fight and experience the ultimate in visceral and immersive futuristic combat.

This all-action shooter arms you with a range of super-powerful weapons and abilities with which to crush your foes. Dive into a gripping, action-filled story spanning the galaxy and battle against the hideous forces of Chaos who threaten the future of humanity

– Explore vast planetary installations, huge derelict space vessels & ancient expansive ruins, in VR for the first time.

– High octane, intense shooter action, face hordes of formidable foes from the dark forces of Chaos.

– Wield 12 incredible and powerful weapons including Chainswords, Plasma Pistols, Boltguns, Flamers, Grenades and Power Swords

Grab an instrument and get ready to jam in Virtuoso, your own virtual music stage! This VR musical sandbox lets anyone play and perform music in new, immersive ways. Explore a range of unique instruments made for VR and share your tracks with the world!

Create music in real-time using the Looper and easily share it for all to hear! Even if you’ve never touched an instrument before, features like Tempo Sync and preset scales help you stay in time and on pitch.

The six instruments of Virtuoso have been created specifically for VR. Set up your own custom drum kit with the Empads and tickle the keys of the three-dimensional Oorgan. You can also add vocals with lush reverb using the virtual microphone!

The interactive tutorial along with intuitive instruments and tools means that everyone, from professional producers to casual music lovers, can become Virtuosos!

A new VR version of a PC and console mystery title, Hitchhiker sees you travel along the highway with different characters, trying to piece together your past. New motion control support features in this short, sharp story-driven experience.

Nock is the first real multiplayer sport for VR. Compete in aerial archery soccer matches from anywhere in the world! It’s a brand new game that requires coordination, agility, and strategy. Skate and zip around the pitch while using a bow and arrow to blast the ball into the other team’s goal. With intuitive controls and realistic physics, Nock is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Like a real sport, this game can take years to master. Block arrows let you create obstacles and you can even use your body to make a goal or save. A fast-moving ball can knock you out. Skill-based matchmaking keeps every game extremely close and competitive. Casual modes let you challenge yourself against bots or play with friends in custom matches.

Nock includes voice chat with individual muting options so you can communicate with teammates easily.

Outlier (March 16th) – PC VR

Against and Stride developer JoyWay is back with yet another big PC VR title. Outlier is a first-person shooter with roguelite action, sending players to an alien planet where they’ll fight hordes of deadly inhabitants, using supernatural powers and upgraded firearms to get as far into a run as possible. This is an early access release for now but expect a full launch soon along with a Quest version.

Jumping from Quest over to PC VR, Mare is a gorgeous VR game inspired by ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. You help guide a girl through a crumbling maze of ruins. If you love drinking in VR atmosphere, you’ll want to check this out.

Tale of the Onogoro (March 17th) – Quest 2

The Tale of Onogoro was created by producer/director Hiromichi Takahashi and the development team behind the VR Escape-the-Room game Last Labyrinth. Last Labyrinth received numerous accolades at game and VR events worldwide due to its unique VR experience. The Tale of Onogoro combines traditional Japanese culture and steampunk elements to create its unique world. The Player travels with Haru, a Japanese high priestess, solving sprawling puzzles and battling giant beast-like beings called “Kami” along the way.

Another VR cooking game. Or, well, it sort of is anyway. In Startenders you’re the bartender at an intergalactic venue, whipping up whatever fancy cocktails the customers want.

Transformers: Beyond Reality (March 31st) – PSVR, PC VR

An on-rails shooter starring everyone’s favorite robots in disguise. You won’t take on the role of an Autobot yourself, but you will befriend them and take the fight to the Decepticons with them by your side.

So guys!! that’s the list of New VR Games March 2022 Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram for more awesome updates!!

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