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Bring Virtual Reality to your next Event!!!


Who we are ?

” Leader in AR/MR/VR Rental – Events, Corporate Conferences, Music Festivals and Sports Festivals”

VR Ashwa is India’s first, Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Event specialists and pioneer in introducing VR hire sets. We at VR Ashwa, provide you complete VR, AR and MR solutions. We also provide Rifts & Game Consoles on rent for events, exhibition, gaming and corporate industries.

Wow Your Guest With Complete AR/MR/VR Rental

Virtual reality is the incorporation of both technology and face-to-face elements to create a virtual experience for guests. We will immerse the user in a 360-degree view of entirely new worlds where guest can interact with and often manipulate the environment.

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Our Focus

" Our Focus is to understand your requirement and provide quality works."

VR Ashwa brings rich media solutions from the offline real world to the online virtual world, leveraging the smart phone users with NFC (near field communication),RFID,bluetooth and wifi to drive Revenue, Traffic, Brand Awareness and Social Engagement.

VR Ashwa reflects the passion of this vibrant community bringing together industry leaders to share, learn and explore the latest trends and a vision for the industry’s future.


What we do ?

We understand your requirements and let you customize Neve however you wish:

Corporate & Team Building Events

We at VR Ashwa, provide you with end to end VR /AR / MR solutions and helps you in making your Corporate Event a Huge Success


Trade & Convention Shows

Trade and Conventions Shows are the best way for a company to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services. But it is really hard to showcase everything Physically, but via VR/AR/MR it is now possible to showcase all your products and services efficiently.


VR Tours

With the help of Virtual Reality, now it is possible to give Virtual tour of your ” production house, factory or in case of real -estate – your property” to the targeted audience 


Product Launch Events

With the Help of VR/AR/MR, launching your product is never been so easier. Now audience can better understand your product with help of VR.


VR For Education

With the help of Virtual Reality, now it is possible for the students to have practical knowledge of the things. From a Biology lab experiment to Chemistry, Possibilities are endless with VR.

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How we do?

” To Create Something Exceptional,
your mindset
must be relentlessly
focused on the Smallest detail”

As being said above, we at VR Ashwa, carefully listen and note every minute detail during planning phase and sincerely work on them during implementation phase. 


Why us ?

  • Excellent Time Delivery
  • Quality Work Assurance
  • Experienced Professional Team
  • Free 24x7x365 Support
  • Reliable Support
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Free Maintenance

VR Devices

Our Awesome Clients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Virtual reality is a good way to attract attention to your event. By showing people how an outside event could look like through virtual reality, you can catch the interest of potential customers. VR can be used to create interactive experiences at events, including those that are held outdoors.

We provide virtual reality services to clients who wish to experience the world’s best virtual reality experiences. Our virtual reality services are available for events, film & video projects, education, training, and more. VR Ashwa is a leading VR Rental that specializes in Virtual Reality Marketing, Virtual Reality Rentals and Virtual Reality Events. Their VR technology can be used for VR Marketing, VR Events and VR Storytelling.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a live, large-scale and fully immersive experience which can be used to create unique entertainment and gaming experiences. VRAshwa provides an affordable and scalable option for businesses and brands to use VR Rent within their marketing campaigns.
The main benefit of VR Rent is that it allows brands to deliver memorable experiences to their customer through the usage of virtual reality. It can be used in a wide array of industries including real estate, education, corporate events, and many others.

It is our most advanced virtual reality solution which we created by combining our patented 3D cinema technology with the latest VR technology in the world. We have been using this technology to conduct VR conference at many corporate events and it has been proven to be highly effective.
We also have an extensive background in live action video production and we can transform any space into any location around the globe. Our services in that area are very cost effective, but you might want to contact us for a more detailed quote.

To rent a virtual reality services, you must follow the given steps.

  1. Firstly, identify the virtual reality equipment which you and your company need.
  2. You must have a Virtual Reality Business or you must be associated with any organization or institution which is working on Virtual Reality.
  3. You must be aware of the rules, regulations and policies of that organization so that you can effectively use the services of virtual reality.
  4. You must be aware of the virtual reality services and its price so that you can rent them accordingly.

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    We are the leader and Expert in Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Event Management. We also provide VR / AR Device on Rent

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