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Looking to HTC VIVE or Want Rent HTC VIVE for your next event? -- We are here to help

HTC VIVE is a Virtual Reality HeadSet developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. The headset uses “room-scale”  tracking technology, allowing the user to move in 3D space and use motion-tracked handheld controllers to interact with the environment. 

Because of room-scale tracking technology, HTC VIVE is meant to be a full immersion machine, which means,  you can get up and walk around virtual space and can enjoy virtual space.

When & Why you should Choose HTC VIVE ?

If your Event requires your audience to move or walk in the Virtual Space, then HTC VIVE is one of the best option for your Next Event. For room-scale VR it can work in a minimum of 2 meters by 1.5 meters of free space (6.5ft x 5ft), and the maximum distance between base stations is 5 meters (16ft). In addition to room-scale VR, Vive supports seated and standing VR experiences, both of which do not have a minimum space requirement.

Another notable thing to mention here is that, As the Vive lets you walk around virtual space, some safety features needed to be built-in. The Chaperone system uses a front-facing camera on the headset to produce an outline of the real-world space you are in, whenever you get too close to something that could injure you. The Oculus has no similar safety feature. The front-facing camera on the Vive also opens up the unit to augmented reality games that utilize your real-world space as the game world, or even augmented reality app experiences, like a web browser that allows certain browser elements to pop out of your monitor

How Can We Help you ?

We at VR Ashwa, provide – HTC VIVE on Rent in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon. We also offer VR Event Management / AR Event Management Services in Delhi – NCR. Our Team of Highly Qualified Expert is always there to assist you, right from the Planning phase till implementing phase.

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