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Top 10 - Free Virtual Reality Apps to Try in the Classroom

2019, has been a great year in terms of immersive technology, especially in terms of education. And with the launch of Affordable VR Headsets, like Oculus GO , PS VR , It is now become easier for School, Colleges or any other Education Institutes to try VR in their Classroom. 
As it is Complete Immersive, its a unique experience for students to learn things in a not so boring way ;).

Via this article, we gonna list some the best  free Oculus GO Apps which will make learning Fun and less boring.

Looking Glass VR is a mobile VR based 3D photo viewer which brings hundreds of historic 3D photos from around the world into focus. The app brings you into a 360-degree view of a room that showcases the years 1892 to 1933.
Students can learn all about, how people have been exploring the world through immersive stereo 3D images, almost 180 years ago! Since before the popularization of television, radio, cinema.

Official link for the App:  Looking Glass VR

Academy award nominee Samantha Morton presents an interactive virtual reality experience, immersed inside the womb.

WONDERFUL YOU uses the latest scientific research to reveal remarkable stories from the development of your senses; Touch, Taste, Smell, Sound and Sight. Meet your unborn self. Tickle your feet, play sounds in the womb and release odours into the amniotic fluid.

Experience the growth of the baby from the early weeks to full development and interact with the child using the five senses. Each scene includes breathtaking illustrations and specific details on each stage of development, which makes this app perfect for the classroom.

Official link for the App:  Wonderful You

This app let you Travel to three continents and visit some of the world’s most amazing places that span over 3000 years of human history. Discover the fate of the ancient capital of Thailand, the mysteries of a pre-Incan temple in the Peruvian Andes, the astonishing Native American cliff dwellings of Colorado, and the monumental stone carvings of Mt Rushmore in South Dakota. The MasterWorks Museum transports you to four fully explorable environments where you can collect artifacts and learn from archaeologists and scientists as you unravel the mysteries of who built these amazing places and learn about the challenges they face today in a rapidly changing climate.

Official link for the App:  MasterWorks

Learning Chemistry isn’t boring anymore. MEL Chemistry is a course of chemistry lessons in virtual reality, made to fit the school curriculum, where virtual reality turns studying into an entertaining process for learning about the rudiments of chemistry, using scientific games and the immersion method.

Don’t memorize, understand! Immersing yourself in the subject of study makes it a lot easier to comprehend chemistry. Complex concepts become visual, and the ability to interact makes studying fun and entertaining. Inside you will find multiple lessons that follow the basic school curriculum. There are also simple tasks and tests that will help you absorb more knowledge.

Official link for the App:  Mel Chemistry

Calcflow allows students to learn Math in a Cool & Unique way.

Everything starts with the math. Are you ready to see the third dimension of mathematics? Calcflow features intuitive ways for you to understand and share with your friends the complexities of three dimensional mathematical functions. 

Official link for the App:  Calcflow

Take a trip into orbit and experience life on board the International Space Station! In this Emmy-nominated simulation, learn how to move and work in zero-gravity using a controller. Dock a space capsule, take a spacewalk, and let real NASA astronauts guide you on the ISS through informative videos and images.

Official link for the App:  Mission ISIS

In Wonders of the world you will visit the Colossus of Rhodes, Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu. 
Travel to the island of Rhodes in the year 251 BCE, famous for the 108 foot statue of the Greek god Helios, known today as the Colossus of Rhodes! When you arrive you will assume the character Melissa of Delos, a priestess in the temple of Aphrodite.
The city is Agra, India in the year 1640. The construction of the Taj Mahal, is well under way.
Travel thirty miles south of the South American Incan capital city of Cusco, Peru. The year is 1532 and two Incan brothers, Atahualpa and Huascar, have fought a civil war for control of the empire their father built.

Official link for the App:  Wonders of World

The Body VR is an educational virtual reality experience that takes the user inside the human body. Travel through the bloodstream and discover how blood cells work to spread oxygen throughout the body. Enter one of the billions of living cells inside our body and learn how the organelles work together to fight deadly viruses.

Official link for the App:  The Body VR

Embark on a mind-blowing VR journey to one of the most advanced ‘miracles’ of modern technology to have ever been built by mankind.
Join astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti from the European Space Agency (ESA) as you step aboard the International Space Station. Guided by the holder of the record for the longest uninterrupted spaceflight for a European astronaut you will learn about the inner-workings of the International Space Station.
Moving between 8 modules you will uncover over 40 key areas of the space station that serve as the living quarters and science laboratory for an international crew of astronauts and cosmonauts. Gain an insiders view of what it is like to live and work on-board the longest, continually inhabited space station to orbit Earth.

Official link for the App:  International Space Station Tour VR

Improve your soft skills through practice in realistic VR scenarios with VirtualSpeech. Training rooms include public speaking, sales pitches, networking, business storytelling, media training and more.
Official link for the App:  Virtual Speech