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       Top Five Birthday Party Games in Virtual Reality for Kids.

Beat Saber- Two lightsabers, slashing to music. Beat Saber is a music and rhythm game with an active twist. The set is similar to other music games, such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero. This game will have kids frantically slashing at blocks and having a riotous good time.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes- Despite its violent name, this is a relatively tame social party game for anyone 10 and up. Everyone involved with the game has a great time. Working as a team, one player inside the VR headset sits in a room with a ticking time bomb and describes what he/she sees so the non-VR group studies the bomb-defusing manual and tries to guide the player in VR headset through it before the timer runs out.

Audioshield-  Audioshield from the creator of Audiosurf, is like Guitar Hero meets Tae Bo. It is a game that has you punching orbs to the beat of your own music or your friends’ music. Everyone involved in it have an exciting time.

Superhot- Superhot has a brilliant conceit- time moves when you do. As much as strategy game as a shooter, kids will have to carefully plot out their movements around the room to dodge bullets and take out enemies. Every level plays like a puzzle as much as a shooter.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission- It may be the best platformer that VR has to offer. Sony’s miraculous Mario-like platforming games isn’t just one of the best VR games, it’s one of the best games, period. As you guide your plucky robot through the beautifully animated world, you can lean forward into it to look for traps and then punch or head butt them out of the way. 

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