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Virtual Reality in Gaming

Virtual reality in gaming has won market size and shows fast growth rate. The age of new virtual reality has started with the release of Oculus VR and Samsung Gear VR. On the other hand, HTC has launched Vive headset in 2015 with hand controllers and tracking technology which in turn has reached the gaming industry $4.3 billion.
The growth is based on hardware production leaders like Oculus, HTC, Sony, and Google which are developing mobiles and affordable VR headsets. The innovative technologies of the VR headset provide the freedom of movement and recreation of basic feelings. As a result Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are expected to slow down the price for VR game products in the next few years.

VR in Gaming:What’s in it for business?

Virtual Reality expanded it ways into marketing, retail, military, education, fitness,  healthcare, birthday and all party occasion that brings benefits for both consumers and businesses.
VR games have also introduced the immersive experience which not only allowed to observe the game but to get inside of it. The interaction with VR is surrounded in a way that now even players can control and modify the game environment at their own will. Therefore, VR technology is becoming a new boosting factor in creating gaming content.

VR gaming hardware

The headset vendors are working to improve VR gadgets and to make it lightweight, ergonomic, mobile and of best immersion into the virtual. And have to face the unsolved challenges which come up with VR hardware such as Mobility, Freedom of movement, Data security, Quality content and 5G speeds Internet.

PC/Console VR headsets can described as powerful and immobile. For intense and fascinating games consoles like Oculus Rift provide high-quality display and data rate.

Mobile VR headsets tackle price and mobility. Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard is a good choice for simple games with less visualization and more moving space.   

Standalone headsets do not require PC connection or smartphones. The advanced motion tracking system and brand new controllers can improve the gaming process.
VR haptic feedback suits like Teslasuit offer tactile and weight simulation with temperature changing senses and new track motion system

Types of VR games

First-person VR shooter

First-person VR shooter games is still very popular and players experience the presence on the battlefield with appropriate audio and visual escort.

VR racing games

VR racing games have the advanced graphics and players are expected to have a tactile experience like the car’s interior.

VR Horror games

Horror games hold a strong market position and High definition VR headsets will provide more options for “creeps”.

VR adventure games

VR adventure games will be more interactive and fascinating with 3D detailed graphics, sensors and controllers.

City-building games

City-building games had a slow start in VR gaming industry, but have a chance with new headsets and better visualization. And Now they are getting popular with the people of all ages


VR Casinos and Gambling

VR casinos and gambling may provide social interaction for players and Virtual reality casinos offer a vast assortment, including slot machines, poker, and other cards games.