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Buy or Rent Microsoft HoloLens

We are India based leading VR Rental Company Supplying latest VR Hardware for Events, Shows, Parties. You can also buy latest VR Devices like Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Quest, PSVR etc from us.

Are you looking for Microsoft HoloLens to buy or rent in Delhi NCR ? Worry not, we got you covered. VRAshwa provides HoloLens for rent in Delhi NCR to make your event more exciting and creative. If you want to Buy HoloLens, you can buy it from us at an attractive price.  We also offer a wide range VR/ AR/ XR  devices to cater for all specific needs and requirements.

Whether you are organizing events like weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, grand openings, holiday parties, conferences, a trade show, a stakeholder meeting, or a VR cinema. We provide high-quality VR devices to create an experience that the attendees will remember for a long time. We offer our friendly and experienced technicians to help set up and assist in the smooth running of your event. This also allows you to focus on the other parts of your event and leave the tech to us.

About HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is the Augmented Reality device designed for the business sector. The new version of the device offers a more comfortable and immersive experience for the user, allowing all types of companies to incorporate the capabilities and benefits of solutions based on Augmented Reality and can be enriched by capabilities based on the cloud and Artificial Intelligence. The new HoloLens 2 goggles offer a greatly increased field of view, allowing many more holograms to be viewed and with an image resolution never achieved before. In addition, interaction with 3D elements occurs naturally and its voice commands and new ergonomic design allow you to wear them more comfortable for hours. Incorporate Augmented Reality solutions to your business with Plain Concepts and HoloLens 2.

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Why Choose Us?

Being a leading VR rental company in India, we’ve got experience in working with many clients, giving them awe-inspiring event with VR technology. We’ve got the largest virtual reality inventory that enables us to deal from small to large events. We have the resources to provide everything you need in a total pack including professional onsite technicians to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Explore an entirely new world and experience with us.

  • Fast, convenient service – Need equipment fast? Same day and next day delivery options available.
  • Hassle free set up – All equipment is delivered ready for use. We can even pre install content upon request.
  • Expert Support – We offer expert advice and troubleshooting to help you get the very best out of your hire.
  • Best Price Always – Value for money, We offer best price always

Looking for VR Device to Buy in Delhi NCR

VR has become fairly popular in recent times, as they provide an immersive 360 experience, that is more than just words on a page or images on a screen. If we don’t have a specific preference then selecting one of the best is a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to VR devices. To make it easy for you we have a wide range of VR devices to fit according to your needs, from a smartphone-based VR headset to all-in-one standalone goggles to systems that allow for room-scale virtual reality to HoloLens.

Virtual Reality Equipment for Rent and Sale

Acer Mixed Reality

Buy or Rent Acer Mixed Reality

VR Ready PC /Laptops

Buy or Rent VR Ready PC / Laptops

Car Racing Simulator

360 degree Vr Cameras

Buy or Rent VR Cameras


Yes, we provide customized solutions for all sorts of devices, including headsets, glasses, and smartphones. If you have any ideas, we are here for you to bring your ideas to life.

Yes, we provide the necessary support but there will be an extra charge.

We got powerful computers and laptops to play the latest VR games which can process and render it smoothly.

We take approximately 20-30 minutes for the setup, considering the electricity line, the internet if needed is provided where the setup is to take place.  

We provide a wide range of  VR games available in the games store to suit your needs, moreover, if you have any specific game requirement from the games store that you want to have fun with then we can provide the same for you at extra cost.

Yes, we provide 360 shoots and 360 live streaming along with the setup in VR devices for events, music and entertainment, fashion shows, sports, and more.

Yes, we sell devices. We have almost every VR devices in store for you. Even if your requirement is not in the store with us, then we arrange the same for you.

Yes, VR is also commonly used for training that includes corporate training, medical studies, military training, driving schools, training airline pilots, and many more.

We provide Kinect, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and many more. We make sure to take your gaming and entertainment experience to another level in amazing ways.

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